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The YardHome® Difference

It’s the right move, inside and out.

In the past, the choice between renting a unit and buying a home hasn’t really been a choice. Urbana YardHomes® changes the equation, with detached single family homes that rent like an apartment.

It’s the right move, inside and out.  A house with modern upscale character, optimized open floor plans, and smart home technology. A lifestyle with backyards, covered parking, and shared amenities like swimming pools, pet parks, and walking trails. The best of privacy and community are built into the Urbana plan.

And you’ll find YardHomes® where people want to live. Urbana develops communities on desirable land near urban job centers.

“I ABSOLUTELY love living at Urbana! I love the space I didn’t have in my apartment, I love showing my house off to my friends, and most of all I love having a backyard for my fur babies.”

Resident, Urbana at Goodnight Ranch, Austin

Made for Today's Marketplace

Renters by Choice is a fast-rising market segment driven by changing lifestyle preferences.  An Urbana YardHome® community makes sense for millennials on their way up, Gen X and Baby Boomers looking to scale down, and anyone else seeking affordable, flexible, and distinctive residential alternatives.

Consumer Appeal

Appeals to consumers who want the freedom to move at will, and to spend income on things other than a down payment and home maintenance.

Exceeding Standards

Rent growth in the Horizontal Rental space exceeds standard multifamily rentals by 1.5 percent.

Less Volatility

Operators experience less volatility due to lower resident turnover, lower maintenance costs, and strong demand.

Healthy Demand

Shortage of affordable buying options, lack of good rental options, higher household debt loads, and the Global Recession are increasing the already healthy demand for Urbana solutions.

The Pet Friendliest

It’s no small thing. People who love their pets immediately limit their housing options. At Urbana YardHome® communities, pets aren’t merely allowed, they’re celebrated with pet parks, agility courses, dog washing stations, walking and hiking trails, and of course their own private backyard.

Every year, Urbana donates $50 for every renter to (the American? Austin?) Humane Society.

The Facts

Since 2006, the number of Americans living in rental properties has soared to nearly 37%, the largest amount since 1965.

Single-family for rent is currently the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. housing market.

75% of Urbana YardHome® renters are dog owners.

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